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Original Formula Nano Spray-on Weapon Care Systems

•Premium Weapon Cleaner
•Premium Weapon Care
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Unsurpassed Long Lasting Weapon Cleaner,
Corrosion Protection, Safe Lubrication
and Munitions Storage solutions.

NanoWorks Premium Weapon Care

Weapon Care

Premium Weapon Care ensures safe operation of weapons aand weapon parts in hot or cold, wet, dusty and even salty conditions.

NanoWorks Premium Weapon Cleaner

Weapon Cleaner

Premium Weapon Cleaner remove dirt, copper residues, gunpowder and smoke residues on the molecular leve - for a technically clean weapon.

NanoWorks Premium Weapon Wrap

Weapon Wrap

Weapon Wrap is an easy spray-on to completely dry seal your weapon for long term storage. No oil, no grease, no adverse effects. Pick-up and shoot...

Snipex Gel Revitalizant

Snipex Gel Revitalizant

Snipex Gel Revitalizant super nano metal-ceramic protection coating increases accuracy of rifles and prolongs the service life of gun barrels

NanoWorks offer the most advanced nanotechnology product to prolong the life cycle of your weapons

The problem in our day is that rifle barrels and other weapon metal parts are being treated with all sorts of lubrication oils to protect it against corrosion. However, these oils break down with time because of evaporation, heat and abrasion. And more than often corrosion and rusting sets in suprisingly quickly, compromising the safety and functionality of your weapon.  
Any quality firearm should give you decades of reliable use, but this will only happen if it is maintained and stored with proper care. Firearms rely on metal components in order to function correctly and since gun barrels are usually made of a non-stainless steel, it is particularly susceptible to corrosion, especially for longer storage periods. This because of an unseen enemy, namely water vapor in the air. Even stainless steel and aluminum are not immune against corrosion when stored in very moist or salty environments.
For effective treatment against corrosion, weapon parts, especially barrels, must be completely covered with a very thin invisible film to protect it from contact with corrosive substances, (such as moisture, oxygen, acids, fingerprints, etc.). This is only safely possible with nanotechnology and NanoWorks Premium Weapon Care products was specifically developed for this application.

Unique Product Properties

Unique and High Perfomance Nanotechnology Products to care for Weapons and Munitions systems.

NanoWorks Premium Weapon Care
Highly Hydrophobic

Water Displacement

100% Water Displacement coefficient within 5 seconds! The tiny nano-sized water repellents deeply penetrates into micro cavities. where they remain active for at least one year. Read more...

Premium Weapon Cleaner
Removes Tombac

Even Removes Copper

We recommend that after each use, the weapon is cleaned with Premium Weapon Cleaner to remove bullet abrasions and/or aggressive combustion residues in the barrel of the weapon. Read more...

Premium Weapon Ant-Corrosion
Corrosion Protection

3D Nano Matrix

To really protect weapons, their metal parts must be completely covered with a thin invisible film to prevent contact with corrosive substances, (moisture, oxygen, acids, fingerprints, etc.) Read more...

Nanoworks Premium Weapon products ensures safe firearm operation in all conditions
Safe Operation

Safe Lubrication

Regular Lubrication oils do not reach difficult to reach areas, evaporates with time, and penetrates the pin hole into the lock, which resinates the mechanism. Nano-tech solves this Read more...

Water Displacement is important

Have you ever had the misfortune of pulling a well oiled rifle out of a gun safe or case, just to find it covered in rust spots! Hardly anyone knows that conventional oils evaporate over time, nor do anyone thinks about the considerable damage that can be caused by “just” water vapor, humidity, condensation water, etc. Of course, your gun can also get wet by accident or rain.

Here’s how the moisture protection works: After a surface has been sprayed with NanoWorks Premium Weapon Care or Weapon Wrap, a 2.5 – 3 microns thick, tightly adhesive, water-displacing, water repelling protective film immediately forms. Owing to its outstanding flow properties, the substance permanently fills even the most minute cavities, even in the invisible, hard to reach parts of your weapon

Consistent with laboratory testing, the product exhibits a water displacement coefficient of 100% within 5 seconds.  A study conducted by the Laboratory for Environmental Product Analysis in Germany has shown that NanoWorks Premium Weapon Care products exhibits exceptional properties in terms of moisture protection, unmatched by any other product in the world. Even after long-time contact, the combination of substances and water does not mix. The moisture protection even works when the parts to be protected are already wet. The products’ ability to subsequently establish its water-repelling protective shield under water (shown in the figure to the right as a red line under the blue drops) is due to the high adhesive properties and low viscosity of the unique combination of the substances. 

By minimizing the damaging effect of all types of moisture, NanoWorks Premium Weapon Care products not only enhances the corrosion resistance of your firearm, but also the safe operation of your weapon under all conditions.

NanoWorks Premium Weapon Care protects agains unseen moisture in the air

Rust forms when oxygen comes in direct contact with wet metal. Rust film begins to form within a few seconds and causes corrosion damage. With NanoWorks Premium Weapon Care, Premium Weapon Wrap and Premium MetalGuard, corrosion damages could be prevented very efficiently, effectively and economically. All three these products forms an invisible seal which "insulates" the treated surfaces from corrosive substances, such as moisture, oxygen, acids, fingerprints, etc.

Comparative Laboratory Corrosion Testing

NanoWorks Premium Anti-Cor effectively stops corrosion

Corrosion Test using Metal Sheets:
Accoroding to DIN 5002 / DIN EN 1020-3.1 test: In conducting a comparative corrosion test, the metal sheets used were polished, cleaned and degreased. They were then sprayed with different Industrial Maintenance products that claim to prevent rust. The treated metal sheets were evenly wetted with seawater two times a day for 14 days. The development of corrosion on the picture to the left provides information on the protective effect of the various products.  The NanoWorks products tested has thus been proven to effectively and economically protect all metal mechanical, parts against all types of moisture and corrosion damage.


Nanotechnology  solves problems regarding to the operational safety and service life of firearms which other technologies cannot

NanoWorks Premium Weapon Cleaner  - your weapon will love you for it


Apart from thoroughly cleaning your gun, Premium Weapon Cleaner easily and properly removes all metal residues such as copper, copper-alloy, zinc and lead bulltet residues.

An Exceptional Nanotechnology Weapon Cleaner.
Most of the conventional weapon cleaning products that can remove smoke residues cannot at the same time remove Tombac. Premium Weapon Cleaner properly removes tombac, smoke residues, salts and protects agains corrosion in go!

NanoWorks Premium Weapon Care for complete peace of mind weapon protection


A revolutionary and modern Nanotechnology Preservation Solution for valuable firearms and other weapon systems.

Some overlooked factors about gun  presercation.
Very seldom the facts are mentioned that lubrication oils evaporate with time, or broken down by heat and abrasion. Also, for effective treatment against corrosion, all weapon parts, especially the inside of barrels, must be wholy covered with a thin film to protect it from contact with corrosive substances, (such as moisture, oxygen, acids, fingerprints, etc.). Only nanotechnology makes this safely possible and NanoWorks Premium Weapon was specifically developed for
this application. 

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Cellphones, electrical equipment, PCB's, and more are all safely and economically protected by NanoWorks Premium Electric, Premium Anti-Cor and Premium Agri & Outdoor, as illustrated in this video.

NanoWorks Premium Weapon Wrap is a apray-on Dry Shield anti-corrosion wrap for long term weapon storage

Premium Weapon Wrap

To preserve munitions metal from rust during long-term storage or salt air (during shipping) they are conventianally dipped or bathed in grease or oil. Apart from the slippery mess, if the storage grease or oil is not comletely removed, the rifle won’t operate, especially so with semi-automatic rifles which each utilizes a gas piston to cycle its action since oil and grease attract burnt powder and grit, eventually causing the rifle to malfunction because the clogged mechanism cannot release.

This is why NanoWorks Premium Weapon Wrap, as a dry shield coating, is a revolutionary nanotechnology breaktrough solution for long term storage or shipping of rifles, canons, and other munutions.
No grease, no oils, no adverse effects: Just pick up and Shoot.

SNIPEX Barrel Revitalizant protects and restores barrels for Ulitmiate Precision


Snipex Gel is the latest Innovative nanotechnology that forms a metal-ceramiclayer on the inner surface of a gun's rifled barrel  bore.

SnipeX gel-Revitalizant for rifle barrels is an advanced new product, featuring the patented revitalization technology. SnipeX restores/repairs the rifled barrels affected by: erosion from heat, micro cracks, chrome knock offs, caverns, traces of corrosion, worn out rifling lands. SnipeX upgrades characteristics of new firearms to make them a higher-class weapon.

Packed in a handy tube, SnipeX is easy to apply and treats the barrel in just 30 shots. With no tools, no down time, SnipeX will restore the barrel's inner geometry from scratches, micro-cracks and spalls. The result: drastically improved grouping, increased roundness of shots and killing power. In addition, it will protect the barrel for up to 3,000 shots.
֍ Restores the geometry of the bore channel (complete      
֍ Increases grouping by 80% at 100 meters
֍ Increases killing power of the given ammo
֍ Stabilizes gyroscopic positioning of the bullet (better
     penetration roundness at target)
֍ Protects barrel from wear and corrosion
֍ Increases life span of the barrel up to 10 times
֍ Makes new firearm a higher class weapon.
֍ One application guarantees wear protection for up to  
     3000 shots.

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Instructions for Treatment of the barrel of a rifled arm with Snipex Gel-Revitalizant. The treated weapon is then tested to see if there is an improvement of shooting accuracy.

NanoWorks Premium MetalGuard permanently protects metal surfaces agains weathering, dirt and corrosion.

Premium MetalGuard

Premium MetalGuard is the ultimate solution to permanently protect your weapon's exterior surfaces with a thin but HIGHLY durable invisible nano clearcoat. MetalGuard effectively and permanently forms a complete seal to protect treated surfaces from contact with corrosive substances, (such as moisture, oxygen, acids, fingerprints, etc.). This durable non-sacrificial coating furthermore protects your weapon's metal parts from blueing!

Creates Exceptionally  Hydrophobic & ETC Surfaces
The advanced nanotechnology formula of Premium MetalGuard binds chemically to provide a permanent super hydrophobic, non-stick ETC (Easy-to-Clean) permanent seal. Water just pearls off and dirt, sweat and even finger prints cannot stick to the surface, so that it can easily just wipe off.

Protects more than just metal....
Premium MetalGuard is particularly suitable for all impermeable surfaces, such as one or two-component paints (polyurethane or epoxy systems), polyester paints, non porous mineral surfaces, GRP surfaces, but specifically so for metal surfaces. The high-gloss properties of MetalGuard will give your treated surfaces an esteemed high quality finish.

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