Long Lasting Spray-On Liquid Insulation protects all kinds of electrical and electronic equipment agains electrical malfunction caused by moisture and corrosion

Premium Electrical Range

Moisture, even unseen in the atmosphere, is a frequently underestimated problem, and no equipment is immune against it, since it finds its way into microscopic spaces and condensates during cooling down and so causes damage. Maintenance and Repairs due to corrosion and electrical damages from moisture and short circuits costs hundreds of billions of dollars every year around the world. Also insect contact and dust deposits on PCB's and other sensitive electronic devices causes these devices to fail

Now this damage can be prevented! Once any of the four products to the right have been sprayed onto a surface, the resulting three dimensional nano-structured protective coating produces long lasting protection, resulting in no undesired downtime of electical devices due to water and corrosion damage, even during flooding calamaties. Due to its nano-structured composition, these products cannot be removed by water and/or soaps and so offer long lasting protection against corrosion and electrical malfuntion. One application last at least one year and this iswhat sets these products apart from any other product in the worldwide industry. They are insoluble in water and they also deeply penetrates into the microscopic capillary system of the treated surface, and so it cannot be removed by water or common surfactants. They offer lasting protective for they effectively stays effective for long periods.

Premium Moisture, Electrical and Corrosion protection

Original Formula Liquid Nano Insulation made in Germany

•Premium Electric
•Premium Agri & Outdoor
•Premium Anti-Cor

NanoWorks Premium Agri and Outdoor

Agri & Outdoor

Premium Agri & Outdoor for muddy (dirty water) environments...

NanoWorks Premium Electric


Premium Electric has a higher degree of efficiency in purely Electrical applications...

NanoWorks Premium Anti-Cor


Premium Anti-Cor has a higher degree of efficiency in highly corrosive and marine environments....

Unique Product Properties

High Performance Nano Protection against Moisture and Corrosion for Electrical Equipment and moving parts . Read more...

NanoWorks Premium electric range is highly hydrophobic
Highly Hydrophobic

Water Displacement

100% Water Displacement coefficient within 10 seconds! The water splay and pearling properties is superior to any other multi-function penetration oils and contact sprays known in the market. Read more...

Premium Electric insulates under water
Electric Current Stability

Spray-On Insulation

The insulation properties of 256KV/cm exceeds that of porcelain and prevents voltage flashing. Protects against current leakage by increasing surface area resistance to 28,46 Terra Ohm. Read more...

Corrosion Protection

DIN50021 / DIN1020 3.1

Conducted salt water spraying test according to the above standards (5 cycles in 24 hours) with treated and untreated metal plates, resulted in no corrosion on the treated plates. Read more...

NanoWorks Premium Electric is elastic
Extremely Elastic

Penetrating Elasticity

The products in this range always maintains its elasticity, making it the ideal water repellent for flexible parts. The Nano-structured components enables deep microscopic penetration. Read more...

Technical Information:
256KV/cm Dielectric Strength
28.46 Terra Ohm Surface Resistance
100% Water Displacement in 10 seconds
Effective Temperature Range: -20°C to 130°C
No Corrosion after 24 hours DIN 50021/EN DIN 1020-.31 Salt Water Test

Electrical Insulation and Surface Resistance properties

Current Leakage Protection: Current leakage originates through moisture or dirt contamination of the surface area and occurs when an undesired electrical current flows along the surface as a result of inadequate insulation. Current leakage can however be avoided by increasing surface area resistance.
Premium Electric, Premium Anti-Cor and Premium Agri & Outdoors creates an extremely high surface area resistance of 28,46 Terra Ohm to prevent current leakage:   (that is 28,460,000,000,000 Ohm)

Dielectric Strength: Dielectric Strength is a term used to define the insulation properties of a substance. Adequate and proper insulation prevents electrical current voltage to jump or strike (flash-over). Anyone of three products in this range has a dielectric strength of 256KV/cm. Since the volatile components of the formula needs to evaporate after application, the full dielectric strength may take up to 100 hours to develop. Nevertheless, the products has a very high dielectric strength immediately after application, as tabled in the picture

Electrical Insulation Properties

Water Displacement is important

Many people are well aware of how costly and dangerous water damage due to heavy rains and flooding can be. However, hardly anyone thinks about the considerable damage that can be caused by “just” water vapor, humidity, condensation water, spray, fog, acid rain, chlorinated water, salt water, and even spilled beverages. However, costs due to such damages can hardly be ignored:

NanoWorks Premium Electric displaces Water

Seen in this light, the science behind NanoWorks Premium Electric, Premium Anti-Cor and Premium Agri & Outdoors is an amazing innovation: Finally, 4,500 years after the discovery of metal and about 250 years after the “invention” of electricity, a product is available that has been proven to effectively and economically protect metal, electrical and electronic parts, devices, machines and installations against all types of moisture (damage).

What’s more, this protection is even possible if the object to be protected is already wet (for example, a fuse box in a flooded basement). NanoWorks Premium range infiltrates under the water creating a protective layer, and so allowing the device to resume normal operation.

All three products owes its outstanding water displacement, corrosion protection, dielectric strength, creep strength and surface resistance properties to a unique combination of highly refined mineral oils, nano-sized anti-corrosive additives, antioxidants and de-aromatized paraffinic and naphthenic hydrocarbons.

Here’s how the moisture protection works: After a surface has been sprayed, a 2.5 – 3 microns thick, tightly adhesive, water-displacing, water repelling protective film immediately forms. Owing to its outstanding flow properties, the substance permanently fills even the most minute cavities, electrical windings and coils.

Consistent with laboratory testing, the product exhibits a water displacement coefficient of 100% within ten seconds.  A study conducted by the Laboratory for Environmental Product Analysis in Germany has shown that these NanoWorks Premium product range exhibits exceptional properties in terms of moisture protection, unmatched by any other product in the world. Even after long-time contact, the combination of substances and water does not mix. Its moisture protection even works when the parts to be protected are already wet. The products’ ability to subsequently establish its water-repelling protective shield under water (shown in the figure to the right as a red line under the blue drops) is due to the high adhesive properties and low viscosity of the unique combination of the substances. 

NanoWorks Premium Electric does not mix with water

Rust forms when oxygen comes in direct contact with wet metal. Rust film begins to form within a few seconds and causes corrosion damage. With NanoWorks Premium Anti-Cor and Premium Agri & Outdoors, such damages could be prevented very efficiently, effectively and economically. 

Comparative Laboratory Corrosion Testing

NanoWorks Premium Anti-Cor effectively stops corrosion

Corrosion Test using Metal Sheets:
Accoroding to DIN 5002 / DIN EN 1020-3.1 test: In conducting a comparative corrosion test, the metal sheets used were polished, cleaned and degreased. They were then sprayed with different Industrial Maintenance products that claim to prevent rust. The treated metal sheets were evenly wetted with seawater two times a day for 14 days. The development of corrosion on the picture to the left provides information on the protective effect of the various products.  The NanoWorks products tested has thus been proven to effectively and economically protect metal, mechanical, electrical and electronic parts, devices, machines and installations against all types of moisture and corrosion damage.

Intensely Insane Creeping Properties of Nano-Sized Particles

Creeping Properties: Since the active ingredients is smaller than 20 to 30 nanometers, these three products have extremely high creeping (penetration) capabilities. It fills the microscopic capillary system of the treated metals in the same way water fills a spunge and here, from within the treated structure of the surface, it not only displaces water and oxidants, but also breaks down existing corrosion.

Application Guide:
NanoWorks Premium Electric, Premium Agri & Outdoor and Premium Anti-Cor may be used to effectively to:
• Protect metal, mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment and mechanisms from exposure to all forms of water, such as steam, humidity,        water condensation, fog, rain, chlorinated and salt water, etc...
• Protect against breakdowns due to insulation breaches.
• Protect against the corrosion of machinery moving parts.
• Prevent short circuits and contact frostbite.
• Prevent oxidation, mold and mildew build up on electrical contacts.
• Eliminate and prevents squeaks.
• Clean and protect electrical contacts from dust and dirt.
• Improve insulation resistance and prevents leakage of surface current.
• Free rusted, jammed mechanisms, machinery parts, bolts and nuts.
• Return mobility to rusted parts.
• Ensure the start-up of electrical equipment in wet conditions.
• Restore, preserve, and improve the insulation performance of electrical equipments in wet environments.
• Restores electrical components and devices affected by moisture (oxidation, corrosion).
• Prevents freezing of moving mechanisms (locks, hinges, fasteners, etc.) at -80°C.
These products has been proven to effectively and economically protect metal, mechanical, electrical and electronic parts, devices, machines and installations against all types of moisture. So, where can these products be used?

What product to use and where to use?

The three products in this range are unique and highly advanced and highly effective nano structured moisture displacement spray-on products with added anti-corrosive, antioxidant, dielectric and cleaning agents/properties. It has proven to effectively protect metal, electrical and electronic parts, devices, machines and equipment from water; any form of water, i.e. vapor, humidity, condensation, splashes, fog, rain/acid rain, chlorinated water, flooding, burst water pipes, water used for firefighting, saltwater, etc.

NanoWorks Premium Electric, Premium Agri & Outdoor and Premium Anti-Cor may be used whenever:
• Moisture, damp, humidity, condensation and flooding can cause or has already caused malfunctions and/or damage to metal.
• Electric and electronic components and systems are to be protected from humidity and the damage it causes.
• Electrical wires, contacts, electric motors, ignition-systems, windings, fuses, switch-appliances and switches, junction boxes and          
  signal-installations need moisture protection or insulation.
• Ignition problems are to be reduced, current leaks suppressed, electric contacts restored and/or malfunctions corrected.

All three of the products in this range, NanoWorks Premium Electric, Premium Anti-Cor and Premium Agri & Outdoor provides protection against moisture, corrosion and electrical malfunction. However the exact formula of the different products in this range distinguishes them from each other in the following ways:

NanoWorks Premium Electric

Premium Electric

Premium Electric has a higher degree of efficiency in purely Electrical applications, for example electricians and...

A new concept on fluids to prevent Electrical Malfunctions & Short Circuiting. Premium Electric is a unique product that cannot be removed by water from treated surfaces. The product remains on treated surfaces for a long period of time.
It's highly recommended to apply this product to all electrical connections, wires, switches, lights, batteries, and electrical installations to prevent electrical failure, malfunction or short circuits due to water damage (rain, humidity, and flood situations.)
Premium Electric is not a simple dielectric or anti-corrosive product, but a permanent coating: Because of this, it can also protect all metal parts and connections against corrosion.

NanoWorks Premium Agri and Outdoor

Premium Agri & Outdoor

Premium Agri & Outdoor has a higher efficieny in muddy (dirty water) environments, such as Agricultural environments as well as the outdoor and adventure world...

Specialized Electronics, highly abrasive, wet, dirty and muddy environments require for specialized penetrating anti-corrosion lubricant and liquid electrical insulation to safe money on maintenance and make the most of time. Premium Agri & Outdoor is like an unseen helping hand to farmers, contractors, etc. ...

Offroad vehicles, bakkies, bikes & quads, boats, jet skis, caravans, trailers, etc. are all exposed to extreme environmental conditions like mud, dirt, sun, rain, frost, weathering etc. which makes it very prone to corrosion and electrical malfunction. NanoWorks Premium Agri & Outdoor has been specially designed to provide optimal protection in this harsh circumstances.

NanoWorks Premium Anti-Cor

Premium Anti-Cor

Premium Anti-Cor has a higher degree of efficiency in highly corrosive and marine environments....

Premium Anti-Cor serves as industrial and marine corrosion and electrical systems protection on the level of quality required by the maritime and aviation world. Where traditional coatings have difficulties to hold their own on the host-surface, nano- technology’s solution bond into surfaces rather than stick on them. This ensures long lasting protection of up to one year, even in marine environments.

NanoWorks Premium Dry-Shield Electric provides lasting  protection against corrosion, humidity and insect/animal contact on PCB’s and other sensitive electronic equipment

Premium Dry-Shield

NanoWorks Premium Dry Plate Electric is a solvent based Nano-Technology solution for protection against corrosion, humidity and insect/animal contact on PCB’s and other sensitive electronic equipment.

Due to its ability to form a flexible, abrasive resistant dry film on the surface of the coated objects, it can be used to protect PCB´s and other electronic devices from getting short circuited by water, insect “traffic” or humidity. It also provides excellent corrosion protection.

The dry surface has high flexibility and thus it can resist small animals and insects. Because it is dry, it does not attract dust and other residues from the environment.

Unlike other PCB coatings, Premium Dry-Shield is not harmful to OEM conformal PCB coatings.

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Cellphones, electrical equipment, PCB's, and more are all safely and economically protected by NanoWorks Premium Electric, Premium Anti-Cor and Premium Agri & Outdoor, as illustrated in this video.

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