Anti-Bacterial Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology that 


NanoWorks offer a range of nanotechnology anti-pathogenic products that targets the very nature of pathogene's life cycles. Our anti-bactrial technology has scientifically been proven to achieve a 99.9999% (complete) kill against 660+ disease causing micro-organisms, with absolutely no side effects or adverse effects on positive bacteria (pro-biotica) or human or animal tissue and health.


NanoWorks offers ready-to-use anti-bacterial products, as well as anti-bacterial addatives to be used in coatings, paints, applications in water and air filters, aslo for antibacterial purposes in polymer films in food packaging, or medical items such as wound dressings and catheters, and other everyday items, including toothbrushes and toothpaste, baby bottles and teats, creams and wound dressings, etc...

Combats the bacteria that causes bad smells in shoes....


is an easy spray solution to combat funky and stuffy odours from smelly shoes, boots, sneakers, other types of shoes and many more things...  Learn more

Live with confidence - Enjoy a healthier skin with NanoWorks' Anti-Bac Skin Lotion Concentrate


Anti-Bacterial Skin Lotion Concentrate is a natural anti-pathogenic cream, which you can use as is, or mix into your favorite body lotion.  Learn more...

NanoWorks Anti-Bac Hydrosol  kills bacteria and make water safe to drink


NanoWorks Anti-Bac Hydrosol makes safe to drink. Kills 99,99% of all known bacteria, unicellular parasites, spirochetes, fungi, etc. Learn more...

NanoWorks Quantum Silver Complex Additives


Innovative quantum dotting nano technology, makes our activated Anti-Bacterial Complex very potent and very affordable.   Learn more...

Combats the bacteria that causes bad smells in shoes....

NanoWorks Anti-Bacterial Shoe Freshener is an easy spray solution to combat funky and stuffy odours from smelly shoes. The advanced nanotechnology formula safely combats fungi & bacterial growth which is the main cause of bad smells, athletics foot etc.
NanoWorks Anti-Bacterial Shoe Freshener is strong enough to control bad smells in boots, sneakers and athletic shoes, leaving your soles, shoes and feet with a fresh neutral smell.
With regular use, Anti-Bacterial Shoe Freshener will keep your shoes and feet healthy and smelling fresh all day long.NanoWorks Anti-Bacterial Shoe Freshener is safe for children, teens and adults alike. It contains no harmful chemicals at all. 

Special Features

NanoWorks Anti-Bacterial Shoe Freshener makes use of the most advanced nanotechnology to combat the very bacteria and fungi that threatens the health of your feet. The formulation is a technological application of a bacteria fighting mechanism naturally found in nature. And apart from shoes, it has many other applications to fight bad odours!


Any Shoe

Safe to use inside leather, boots, sneakers, high heels, ballerina shoes, running shoes, rugby & soccer toks, roller blades, golf shoes, mining en safety boots, etc. Safe to use in any shoe...


No adverse effects

Safely combat stuffy smells from Gym Bags, Lockers, Yoga Mats, Towels, Trash Cans, Bathrooms, cupboards, plastic containers, garbage bins, and even biltong! Absolutely safe to use anywhere.


Health Benefits

NanoWorks Anti-bacterial Shoe Freshner has many additional health benefits. It combats or destroys a large variety of bacteria, fungi and even virusses, It may aid to fight infections.


Effective in Every way

NanoWorks Anti-Bacterial Shoe Freshner is effetive in many more ways than expected. Easy to use with Effective results at an attractive price. Results in shoes are long lasting, if not permanent!

Nano Anti-Bac Skin Lotion Concentrate

Live with confidence - Enjoy a healthier skin...

Live with confidence - Enjoy a healthier skin

NanoWorks’ Nano Anti-Bacterial Skin Lotion Concentrate is a very effective, natural anti-pathogenic skin & body base cream concentrate, that contains no harmful chemicals or skin irritants. You can use it as is, or mix it into your favorite body lotion or aqaeous cream.

Nano Anti-Bacterial Skin Lotion Concentrate is a Natural and organic skin cream concentrate containing NanoWorks’ non cytotoxic activated quantum silver complex, enriched with vitamins A and E, that helps to combat germ-, bacterial-, yeast-, fungi- and even viral skin infections, and which may provide relief for conditions such as Cellulitis , Cold Sores, Warts & verrucas, Pimples, Impetigo, Athletes foot, Ringworm, Candida and other types of skin infections or fungal rashes.

Special Features

Nano Anti-Bacterial Skin Lotion Concentrate is a neutral, fragrance-free base cream with an anti-bacterial concentrate and added vitamins A and E.  It can be used as is, to aid wound healing, or as an additive to you favourate body lotion or aqueous cream. This special feature of Nano Anti-Bacterial Skin Lotion Concentrate is very unique, for this provides you with two products in one and ultimate flexibility to suit your application needs:



Can be applied as is in small amounts directly on effected areas of skin infections that originate on the outer top surface of human skin (or animal skin). Can be used on cuts, burns, scratches, fungal rashes, psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, shingles, insect bites and more.



Can be mixed into most body lotions & aqueous creams (25ml/500ml) to create an anti-bacterial skin moisturizer for daily use, which may prevent/provide relief for a variety of skin infections, Athletes foot, Ringworm, Candida and other types fungal rashes.



Nano Anti-Bacterial Skin Lotion Concentrate contains no harmful chemicals or irritants. We only added vitamins A & E. It is a pure, unscented base cream which you can add to any other lotion or cream. On its own it is nourishing, balancing and gentle on even the most sensitive skin



Someone once said that your skin is the window to your body, revealing the stories of your life. Fact: The Skin is the body's largest organ. When healthy, its layers work hard to protect us. But when it's compromised, the skin's ability to work as an effective barrier is impaired.

Anti-Bac Hydrosol Concentrate

Use it to make water safe to drink or to create anti-bacterial surfaces....
20ml treats 100 Liters

Anti-Bac Hydrosol Concentrate kills 99,999% of known bacteria and unicelluar parasites

Just add NanoWorks Anti-Bac Hydrosol Concentrate to water to kill 99,9999% of all known germs and bacteria. Only 5ml of NanoWorks Anti-Bac Hydrosol concentrate treats 25 liter of water. It is completely safe to use and has no negative health effects on human or animal bodies or body tissue.

With NanoWorks' Anti-Bac Hydrosol Concentrate it is super easy to make germ free drinking water.  A tiny 20ml bottle is all you need to treat 100 liters of drinking water. NanoWorks Anti-Bac Hydrosol kills ecoli within 2 minutes and has been proven to completly kill more than 660 known disease causing micro-organisms such as bacteria, germs, fungi, yeast, unicellular parasites, spirochetes, etc. within 3-6 hours. 

Special Features

NanoWorks Anti-Bac Hydrosol Concentrate can be used for much more than treating water. Farms, feeding lots, Food processing and food preparation facilities are all well aware of the dangers of contamination by pathogens in their industries, as the recent Listeria outbreak in South Africa proved well. NanoWorks Anti-Bac Hydrosol Concentrate can be mixed into water-based clear coats or paints to create anti-bacterial surface coatings.



The use of NanoWorks Anti-Bac Hydrosol is highly sought after because of its broad-spectrum antimicrobial effects, its high rate of effectiveness at low cost. Bacteria such as salmonella, ecoli and Listeria are literally killed within minutes by NanoWorks Anti-Bac Hydrosol.



NanoWorks Anti-Bac Hydrosol Concentrate is a Beautiful Killer! The oxymoron above underlines two truths... (1) Anti-Bac Hydrosol kills the germs and bacteria that poses a threat to your health, but beautifully so, for (2) it has no side effects and don't harm your health in any way. 



A study by the Animal Science Food Safety Consortium of Kansas University found that beef carcasses sprayed with Anti-Bac Hydrosol treated water, it destroyed more than 90% of the disease-causing microbes on the meat, especially ecoli and salmonella. (Aramouni, 2005)



Killing germs and bacteria effectively and easily has never been so affordable. Anti-bacterial treatment of water with
NanoWorks Anti-Bac Hydrosol require a budget of some cents per liter of water. It requires no special equipment, knowledge or processes.

NanoWorks NanoSilver Anti-Bacterial addtives and solutions

Kills 99.9% of all bacteria & germs safely and fastly


NanoWorks Premium Nano Biocidal Comlexes are sold as addatives, either in Powder form or Hydrosol concentrates. Through advanced quantum dotting nano technology we create anti-bacterial materials which is effective against an enormous array of desease-cause pathogens.

The Efficacy of NanoWorks Premium Biocide Complex - a Safe & Natural way...

Our advance nanotechnology anti-bacterial complex is a natural antibiotic and has been used naturally as an antimicrobial agent for centuries. But through modern quantum dotting nano technologies, we can now create a very potent material which is effective against a broad range of pathogens such as bacteria (including methicillin and vancomycin-resistant strains), yeast, fungi, germs, viruses and protozoa. All pathogens are single cell anaerobic organisms. An anaerobic organism or anaerobe is any organism that does not require oxygen for metabolism. Instead their metabolic functions are dependent on a certain enzyme. NanoWorks Premium Biocide Complex target primarily this enzyme.

NanoWorks Premium Biocide Complex only affects pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa, germs, etc.) due to their unicellular (anaerobic) metabolism.
“Good bacteria”, on the other hand, also known as obligate aerobes, or aerobic bacteria need oxygen. These aerobic bacteria (the good bacteria) thus only grow and multiplies in the presence of oxygen and do not have these enzymes needed by the anaerobic organisms. Our Premium Biocide Complex thus has no adverse effects on aerobic bacteria, humans, animals or plants.


NanoWorks Premium Anti-Bacterial additives can be used in any coating for any surfaces, i.e. floors, work surfaces, food preparation areas, farms, chicken batteries and other animal feed lots, coatings of textiles, metals, woods, ceramics, glass, papers, or mixing to plastic resins, clear coats, paints, lacquers, water and other liquids or surfaces. There really are many uses. Even to be used in fibre. Speak to our technical team for your application.


an activated carrier material is quantum dotted with very potent nut natural and safe nano anti-bacterial particles between the 10-20nm spectrum to produce a very potent non-cytotoxic anti-bacterial powder we call

NanoWorks Premium Biocide Complex

NanoWorks Premium Biocide Complex products and addatives is effective against an enormous array of disease-causing organisms; including bacteria, spirochetes, viruses, fungi, yeast, unicellular parasites, etc., without harming healthy flora or damaging human, animal or plant tissue. The activated nano particles is between 10nm to 20nm in size and it has under different applications and circumstances safely helped to protect against threats from disease causing micro-organisms. While the active ingredient particle size of NanoWorks Premium Biocide Complex is smaller than 20nm, it is quantum dotted on a natural anti-bacterial carrier molecule which is bigger than 500nm. This makes our product non-cytotoxic and very potent.

NanoWorks Premium Biocide Complex is non-cytotoxic.

Unlike colloidal silver and other variants of it, NanoWorks Premium Biocide Complex is non-cytotoxic.
The difference between NanoWorks Premium Biocide Complex and colloidal silver for one, is that colloidal silver is cytotoxic (toxic to cells). Silver is hydrophilic, meaning it attracts water to itself. Because of the size of the silver ions in colloidal silver, it can penetrate through cell membranes, where the moisture (water) inside the cell binds to the silver ions. For this and other reasons, colloidal silver isn’t considered as safe, or effective as claimed. NanoWorks Premium Biocide Complex on the other hand is “cell-friendly”. 

“Long-term use of (colloidal) silver preparations can lead to argyria, a condition in which silver salts (ions) deposit in the skin, eyes, and internal organs, and the skin turns into an ashen-grey colour.” 


Whether in nano-particle powder form, or as a nano-complex hydrosol concentrate, you will need astonishingly small amounts as a biocidal or an anti-bacterial additive.

Furthermore, NanoWorks Premium Biocide Complex provides, due to the increased surface area achieved through nano technology, relative high "concentrations" with very little product - and this is what makes our product not only potent, but very affordable indeed. 

We advise you speak to our technical department about addition formulas for your applications

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