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Conquer Germs with nanotechnology... Sanitizers; Disinfectants; Anti-Bac Coatings

Most hand sanitisers fight germs for only a few seconds. We offer superior solutions. All our products offers anti-germ, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial solutions that eradicates 99.9999% of all disease causing organisms, for prolonged periods, even permanently!

Nanotechnology revolutionizes the disinfectant and sanitizer world....

Nanotechnology is the dominant force on the planet, especially so in living systems.. And since nano-sized cells and organisms, including germs, are the foundation of all living things, it just make so much sense to fight infections on this level.

Natrolyte Plus General Purpuse Disinfectant

Multi-Purpose Sanitizer

A benign longer lasting multi-purpose sanitizer and disinfectant. More...

NanoWorks Natrolyte Plus Gel

Sanitizer Gel

A soothing and safe hand sanitizer gel that provides hours of protection. More...

NatroSan Surface Disinfectant

Surface Disinfectant

Excels at destroying germs and odors, leaving behind a clean surface. More...

Premium Shine Anti-Bac

Passive Germ Protection

Passive protection against germs on hard surfaces after disinfection. More...

NanoWorks Spectra Anti-Bac - Permanent Anti-Bacterial Ceramic Nano Coating

Permanently Germ-Free

Durable Nano Coating that permanently keeps treated surfaces germ-free.

NanoWorks Anti-bacterial leather cream

Anti-Bacterial Leather

Leather care cream that kills and protect against germs for weeks on end.

Smart-Coat Anti-Bac Smartphone coating

Germ Free Smartphones

Easy-to-apply smartphone nano coating that protect your phone from germs.

NanoWorks Custom Made anti-bacterial solutions

Custom Made Solutions

We work with customers who need their own unique anti-bacterial solutions,

Germs, including viruses, measure between 20-500 nm in diameter. Because of their nanometre size dimensions, these disease-causing organisms are considered as naturally occurring nanoparticles. This is where our technology meets them and destroy them.

NATROLYTE PLUS - Hand Sanitzer and General Purpose Disinfectant

Usage of Natrolyte Plus’s anti-microbial solution is particularly effective as it can achieve a degree and duration of disinfection that cannot 
be achieved with traditional agents.

Natrolyte Plus Sanitizer with Nano Silver Complex

Natrolyte Plus is a meticulously “fine-tuned” formulation that combines what is maybe the two most powerful natural occurring biocidal agents known to man.
The introduction of ‘intelligent’ anti-bacterial nano-particles into an already very potent sanitizer gives us Natrolyte Plus; a completely natural and safe, albeit very potent sanitizer and disinfectant that delivers a formidable double punch to disease causing organisms.
Advanced nanotechnology makes Natrolyte Plus is a benign broad-spectrum sanitizer and disinfectant for the eradication of viruses, spores, bacteria, mycobacteria, and fungi with longer lasting effects. Not only does it eradicate disease causing organisms in seconds, but it prevents re-contamination of treated surfaces for many hours, even weeks.

Whether applied as hand or skin sanitizer, a surface disinfectant or as a disinfecting mist or fogging agent, Nantrolyte Plus effectively aids to prevent re-contamination of disinfected areas by targeting the very nature of pathogenic life cycles on treated surfaces, without any danger or harm to humans. Natrolyte Plus hydrates and protects your skin, while providing a highly effective, longer lasting, completely biodegradable, nontoxic, and safe sanitizing solution. It is especially safe for use on human skin - Even for children and babies.

Unique Product Propeties

Usually ‘Two is Better than One’ and for good reason, but when two of the bests technologies in the world comes together in harmony, it has the potential to change history. And considering the current worldwide need for a potent but safe disinfectant, this could not have come at a better time. NanoWorks Natrolyte Plus has a complete absence of anything toxic or harmful. It contains no alcohols, harsh chemicals, nor any undesirable by-products. It contains nothing that can harm the environment whatsoever. The active ingredients is certified as organic and biodegradable.



Nanoworks Natrolyte Plus achieves a complete kill of 99.9999% of all all disease causing organism in a short period of time, by causing pathogenic cell death thought the destruction of biocidal cell membranes, loss of intracellular contents, inhibition of protein synthesis, decreased oxygen uptake, breaks in DNA, and depressed DNA synthesis.



On its own, a very potent anti-biocidal agent, the Nano Silver Complex particles in Natrolyte Plus, will remain on treated areas by settling and clinging to treated surfaces by manner of electrostatic binding. This happens  after the effect of the HOCl liquid's evaporation. It so creates an environment in which it is impossible for pathogens to survive and multiply.



Natrolyte Plus does not cause any damage to human, animal, or plant tissue. It is nontoxic to the delicate cells that heal wounds, while being lethal to almost all known dangerous bacteria and viruses that threaten our health.
• Non-Allergenic
• Non-Asthmatic
• Does not irritate skin or eyes
• Can be used on baby skin
• Non-Corrosive



Natrolyte Plus has a vast number of uses:
• Hand sanitizer
• Surface sanitizer (including
   textile / upholstery)
• Sanitizer Booth Solution
• Fogging Solution 
• Disinfecting / Sanitizing wipes
• Algae, spores and fungi
• Can be used on eczema, nappy
   rashes, and ulcers or sores
• Lethal, safe, cost-effective


A soothing and safe hand sanitizer gel that provides hours of protection.

Natrolyte Plus Gel Hand Sanitizer

As opposed to alcohol based hand sanitizers that dries out and damages human skin, Natrolyte Plus Gel soothe, nourishes and aids in healing of the skin. The nanotechnology in the Gel prevents re-contamination of germs for hours.

Not only does the active ingredients in Natrolyte Plus Hand Sanitizing Gel kills 99.9999% of all known germs they are widely used as medical approved antiseptics. This smooth soothing gel kills all disease-causing organisms, including bacteria, spirochetes, viruses, fungi, yeast, unicellular parasites, etc., without harming healthy flora or causing damage to human tissue. It can even be used in the treatment of various skin disorders. Its active ingredients have been incorporated into many types of topical formulations due to its antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, and wound healing properties.

With virtually no side effects or contraindications, Natrolye Plus Gel can be used and applied as often as needed to sanitize and cleanse your skin, relieve irritations and restore your skin's well-being. It immediately relieves itch and pain, kills bacteria and breaks down biofilm. It does not sting or irritate skin and it oxygenates the cells and improves blood flow in the treated area, so assisting your skin in its natural healing processes.

Unique Product Properties

As a smooth and soothing lubrication gel, Natrolyte Plus not only kills 99.9999% of all known disease causing organisms, but it aids in the healing of damaged skin and wounds. It Reduces wound inflammation that inhibits healing and prevents allergen and calcium-induced mast cell degranulation for up to 8 hours after a single exposure.



• Kills germs in 30 seconds
• Breaks down bacterila biofilm
• Reduction in pain and itching
   by rapidly reducing pruritus in
   mild-to-moderate atopic
   dermatitis (AD)
• Anti-inflammatory: Reduces
  wound inflammation.
• Improved blood and oxygen flow
   increases wound-healing
   nutrients to help restore healing
• Moisturises burn wounds



Natrolyte Plus is  is a one-step, easy to use, no mix, no dilution, and no-rinse solution that kills germs and deactivates harmful viruses. The smooth moisturing gel helps in cleaning and debriding of skin abrasions, lacerations and minor irritations. The moisturising ingredients in Natrolyte Plus Gel prevent wounds from drying out  and aids to keep burns moist.



The active ingredients in Natrolyte Plus Gel exhibits broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity that is directly toxic to 99.9999% of bacteria, fungi and show also strong antiviral properties. HOCl exhibits anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties based on multiple laboratory analyses. NCS has been proven to exhibit the same properties for as long as it remains on any surface.



Combining the two most natural and effective known biocides known to man into a gel form, with nourisging properties, Natrloye Plus Gel eradicates all bacteria, mycobacteria, spores, fungi, viruses – even the tough Clostridium difficile – within 15 seconds. It disinfects 200 to 300 times better than bleach and is 100% safe and healing to the human body and skin conditions.

NatroSan Surface Disinfecting Cleaner

Excels at destroying odor causing bacteria, leaving behind a clean and sterile surface.

Natrosan Surface Disinfectant

NATROSAN is a twin chain QAC based disinfectant with a neutral odour. It was designed for use in food processing plants, agricultural industry as well as in the hospitality industry for the disinfection of hard surfaces. NATROSAN is a membrane-active agent, interacting with the cytoplasmic membrane of bacteria and lipids of viruses. As such it is effective against a broad range of micro-organisms with a kill rate of 99.99%.

NATROSAN also excels at destroying odor causing bacteria and as a versatile disinfecting cleaning agent, it can also be used to wash or rinse stuffy towels, bedding, socks, ect. It leaves all disinfected surfaces fresh and clean. As a twin-chain QAC disinfectant, in terms of human & animal toxicity and materials compatibility, NATROSAN offers a low risk userfriendly disinfection option.

For general disinfecting, NatroSan is supplied ready-to-use. Allow at least 5 minutes contact time before rinsing. Spray onto surface; allow standing for at least 5 minutes, scrub surface to clean. Rinse off with clean water if necessary. NATROSAN leaves no residues if left to dry on its own. And if allowed at least 15 minutes contact time, it is effective to eradicate fungicidal activity.

Unique Product Properties

NATROSAN is bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal and above all, a non-irritating cleaning agent. Its bactericidal action is attributed to the inactivation of enzymes, denaturation of proteins and the vital cell membrane breakage process. Use NATROSAN as a cleaning disinfectant for hard surfaces, including floors and walls. But is does not stop there. NATROSAN can be used for:  the overall sanitation of utensils and equipment, disinfection of hospitals, toilets, and medical instruments. It excels in the disinfection of meat processing plants, dairy and related industries, the disinfection of clothes in laundries, hospitals, at home, etc. It can even be used for the control and inhibition of fungi in footbaths, or the control of algae in swimming pools and industrial water recirculation systems. Its agricultural value as an antiseptic to disinfect skin and udders of cows, as well as the hands of personnel responsible for milking. Many more uses are possible, such as for controlling bacterial slats commonly found in industrial processes, or for the purpose of imparting bacteriostatic properties in the textile and paper industries to control and inhibit microbial growth.



• 100% Biodegradable
• Broad Spectrum Biocidal
• High Organic Material Tolerance
• Low toxicity
• Hard water resistant
• Non-corrosive



As a cleaner and disinfectant in one, NATROSAN can be applied in a number of methods:
• Spray and wipe
• Dip and wipe
• Soak and rinse



• Does not damage clothing and
   carpets the way bleach does.
• Clear and colorless
• Safe to use on food production
• Non tainting



• Attractive pricing
• Stable in Storage
• Multi-purpose applications
• Broad Spectrum applications
• Cleaner & Disinfectant in one
• Multi-surface Compatible


Passive protection against germs on hard surfaces after disinfection -  for up to 3 months

Premium Shine Anti-Bacterial nano coating

NanoWorks Premium Shine Anti-Bac is an "all-round" easy-to-apply nano coating for any hard, non-porous surface. Apart from providing a glossy, ultra smooth, hydrophobic and Easy-to-Clean finish, the invisible coating actively kills germs and passively prevents biofilm forming for up to 3 months.

Numerous local and international university studies concluded that Premium Shine lasts at least 3 months while preventing bio film forming. With the further enhancement of the coating with the addition of NCS (Nano Silver Complex), the coating also now has the ability to actively destroy 99.9999% of all known disease causing organisms. This "All in One" spray-on nano coating is suitable for any hard, non-porous surface including.

NanoWorks Premium Shine Anti-Bac brings out the natural shine of any surface! It seals out dirt and stains by sealing of the microscopic pores of the treated surface. Apart from killing germs and preventing biofilm growth, this ultra-smooth, non-corrosive nano coating makes treated surfases easier to clean and maintain. .. and so you can maintain surfaces in less time and keep your finishes looking like new and germ free.

Unique Product Properties

Premium Shine is universally applicable and is also safe for most materials: painted surfaces, varnished wood, GFK-rubber and plastic covers, plastics and hard synthetic fibers, metals and alloys. There is no danger associated with the usage of the product on the various surface textures listed above, since sealing takes place by means of electrostatic adhesion and through van der Waals interactions.



Premium Shine Anti-Bac is a multi-purpose nano coating:
• Fascility Management
• Industrial sites
• Schools
• Public offices & Government
• Vehicle Maintenance
• Surgical Instruments
• Restaurants,  Hotels, B&B...
• Fitment equipment
• Homes & Households



Premium Shine Anti-Bac is not only highly repellent to water and oils, but it creates an extremely smooth surface that can easily be cleaned from impurities, dirt, fatty residues and other soiling.
• Ultra-Smooth Finish
• High Glossy shine
• 50%+ reduction in cleaning time
• Chemical Resistant
• Dirt, soiling & stain resistant



Premium Shine Anti-Bac is a 100% eco-friendly & germ free nano-coating. It is a non-flammable, water-based, non-toxic, solvent-free and bio-degradable surface protection that is extremely safe and easy to use on all solid surfaces. Besides water, It is made from the most frequently occoring element on earth and Nano Silver Complex.



Oppose to solvent-based sealants requiring days to cure and eventually etching themselves into the paintwork, Premium Shine Anti-Bac is a simple spray-on and wipe off application that binds instantaneously and non-chemically to any hard surface to act as a coat of armor on applied surface to protect it and keep it germ free for up to 3 moinths.


because every surface you touch are permantly germ-free?

Spectra Anti-Bacterial Nano Ceramic Coating provides permanent germ-free protection

Spectra Anti-Bac is an PERMAMENT nano ceramic paint with very strong and potent anti-pathogenic (germ fighting)  properties. This anti-bacterial nano ceramic coating creates germ free, smooth, abrasion resistant, superhydrophic, easy to clean and non-stick surfaces. Spectra Anti-Bac can be applied to protect a myriad of assets against germs, corrosion, oxidization, the elements and tainting.

Studies from a well known German University has shown that the anti-bacterial properties of NanoWorks "Spectra Anti-Bac" ceramic nano coating last as long as the coating does, which can be many years. The anti-bacterial ingredient is not destroyed in the process of application or from exposure of the surface its applied to. Its been proven to keep on existing for as long as the durable nano-paint exist.. It will perform its anti-bacterial functio - which is to kill germs - for many years!

SPECTRA Anti-Bac is a mean germ killing (log-10) nano ceramic coating that last for many years. Its been proven to be a very potent and effective permanent broad spectrum biocidal (virucidal, bactericidal and fungicidal). That said, this durable and higly hydrophobic/oleophobic nano coating creates low-maintenance surfaces that protects surfaces from corrosion, oxidation, wear and tear, staining and soiling. 

Unique Product Properties

With extreme temperature resistance of -40°C to 300°C, Corrosion resistance and Super Hydrophobic Non-Stick ETC (easy-to-clean) properties, SPECTRA ANTI-BAC will protect your assets on a permanent basis against GERMS, mositure, corrosion, harmful chemicals, extreme temperatures, and the elements while giving it a glossy shine....

SPECTRA ANTI-BAC forms a permanent barrier layer that bonds chemically with the substrate and cures at room temperature. Surfaces protected with SPECTRA ANTI-BAC can be cleaned repeatedly without reapplying the product. As such, SPECTRA ANTI-BAC is a more permanent germ free surface and low-maintenance solution.



SPECTRA ANTI-BAC is can applied to any smooth, non-absorbent surface, such as one- or two component paints (polyurethane or epoxy systems), polyester paints, GRP surfaces, and particularly metal surfaces like aluminum, zinc, stainless steel, copper and several alloys (e.g. brass and bronze).



SPECTRA ANTI-BAC forms a complete seal on the microscopic level and so prevents the formation of soiling, staining, rust and corrosion. This product can handle temperatures of up to 300°C. Also it offers high abrasion and acid resistant protection to protect surface against daily wear for many years.



Additionally to its very potent germ-fighting ability, its anti-graffiti properties creates STERILE non-stick easy-to-clean-surfaces which safes time and money. With reduced maintenance cycles, it is particularly suitable to seal and protect valueable surfaces and extend asset life cycles.



With a consumption ratio of only 10-15ml/m², you will find the savings this product brings, is hard to get your head around. Many happy customers of this product keeps telling us of the germ-free peace of mind and extra production time they won as a direct result of the time savings of SPECTRA-ANTI-BAC.

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